Friday, July 9, 2010

The Heat is On

I thought we might miss it this year, but no. Summer has finally hit Germany – 90F three weeks in a row. Yes, we lived in Biloxi, Mississippi, last year so you think we would be a little more prepared, but let me tell you, Summer temperatures without air conditioning are a little harder to handle! The windows are open, the blinds are pulled, and we are still sticking to our couches and sweating our heads off (the cold tile floors and fans are the only things saving us!). And compared to the gym, our house has the non-existent AC set at 55F. A bunch of smelly Germans piled into a single room with no AC and no deodorant – yum!

I never, ever would have imagined we would experience 90-94F degree weather without air conditioning! Seriously, what are these Germans thinking?!

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