Friday, July 2, 2010

Running out of Gas on the Autobahn is Illegal, you know

So thankfully, I was only on the B50.

Let me preface this by saying, I'm always one to "push it" gas wise. You know, drive on the very last drop. And yesterday, I did.

First of all, Alex's car is in the shop.. Something is wrong with the ignition and it has been out of commission for over a week. We've been sharing. Not convenient. He drove the car to Ramstein the day before yesterday to fly. He was SUPPOSED to stop and get gas while on base - that didn't happen. THEN he was supposed to stop on the way home to get gas - that didn't happen. He drove home on Empty.

So yesterday, on my way to pick up one of my friend's in Bitburg for a pool day, I realized we were close to empty (I had assumed he filled up). I called A to see what he thought about making it to Bitburg. He said oh yea, no problem, you got it. I thought so too. Well, after a horrible traffic accident, lots of construction, and stop and go traffic for 45 minutes (SHEESH, it should only have been 20), I was sitting amongst a ton of Polizia, all in the area for the accident, thinking to myself, hmm, maybe I should stop and ask one of the Policemen if he has a reserve gas tank in his trunk. JUST as I get up the nerve to ask, my car turns off. I am officially OUT OF GAS. FABULOUS! My windows were already rolled down (even though it was a scorching 36C outside - I was trying to preserve the gas), so I yelled out the window to the closest cop, asking if he had an extra tank in his trunk. Yes, he said, in perfect English. I continued to tell him my situation (umm, I know it's illegal to run out of gas on the Autobahn, but I was on a slightly less major highway and just sitting in traffic). Very quickly, he pulled out his 4L reserve tank from his trunk, filled me up and said, "It's illegal to run out of gas on the Autobahn, you know. You're lucky I'm not giving you a ticket." WHEW! Traffic finally let up and I got to the nearest gas station as fast as possible.

But let me tell you, running out of gas, on a major highway, in a foreign country, by yourself, when it's illegal.. nope, not the best situation.

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