Wednesday, July 14, 2010

tis the Season for Festivals

....and festivals, and festivals, and more festivals!

July marks the start of the festival season in Europe. The Europeans (especially zee Germans) just love their holidays, or really, missing work. A festival is a great excuse to do this, so the summer season in Deutschland (and the rest of Europe) is simply full of fests.

Over the weekend, we went to the Trier-Mosel fest. It was held right along the Mosel and set up almost like a fair. While there are plenty of rides for the kiddos, they also have great food, drinks, live music, etc. Turns out, our favorite cover band in Germany, Chock-A-Block was playing AND they were shooting off fireworks. Since we didn't see any for the 4th, we decided to stick around. Let me tell you, these were by far the best fireworks we have ever seen (we BOTH agree - no exaggeration here!). Year after year, I always find the 4th of July fireworks disappointing. But the Trier Mosel fest did it right. There were a ton, they were done well, they were in a great location (right over the river) and were really close (almost on top of us!) so they seemed huge! I know, I know, fireworks are just fireworks, but really, they were great!

Some other festivals that we have attended in the past include the Bitburg keg rolling festival, Bernkasel wine festival (one of my favorites), Wittlich Pig festivals (another favorite), Kasel Feurwehr 50th Anniversary festival, Bad Durkheim wine festival, Trier Altstadt fest, Kasel wine fest, Oktoberfest of course and more. July to September, look around, read the signs, and I guarantee there WILL be a festival coming up, no matter where you are.. it IS festival season!

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