Friday, July 30, 2010

Third Time's a Charm?

And it very well could be.. but I don't think I'll be visiting Ibiza for a third time to find out.

Let's think back. First Ibiza trip - we got stuck (for the first night at least) in a crappy, ghetto hotel with no locks on the door or hotel security (yes, we switched hotels and wound up having a great time). But I got back up on the horse and just returned from my second Ibiza trip. Second Ibiza trip - first night, we got robbed in our NOT ghetto, NOT crappy hotel.

This trip, I went to Ibiza with two girlfriends, Mary & Meredith, and we met Matt and his two friends, recently back from their deployment. We stayed right on the beach, Playa den Bossa, in a pretty nice hotel turned into an apartment style deal. Our first night out, we came back to the hotel around 5am, went to bed, and set our alarm for 10am - waking up, only to go back to sleep on the beach. Around 8:30am, I heard Meredith, who was sleeping on the pull-out in the living room scream. Turns out, a man broke into our room, but accidentally woke up Meredith in the midst of his burglarizing. Because of her screams, he luckily only got to my wallet, filled with credit cards AND 320 euros. Sweet.

While Ibiza is a very fun, very beautiful place, I will not be returning. My Ibiza luck has officially run out.

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