Monday, June 13, 2011

Dublin, Ireland: A Travel Recommendation

Dublin < London, Amsterdam, Paris

Dublin was a disappointment (and a major sausage fest - NO women, ALL men, EVERYWHERE!). We stayed in Ireland for 10 days and planned to have 1.5 days (2 nights) in Dublin because we thought we would LOVE it. Other big cities, particularly London, Amsterdam, and Paris, we have loved, gone back multiple times, said we could live there, etc. Not Dublin. Don't get me wrong, we had a good time, but we have a good time everywhere we go. Dublin just didn't contribute much to our Ireland Adventure.

Dublin doesn't offer much to do, besides sit in a pub, listen to music, and drink. And while that is fine for a night or two, I don't need to go all the way to Dublin to do that - I can do that ANYWHERE we are. Plus, that happens everywhere else in Ireland as well. There was a castle (not much there, trust me), Grafton Street shopping (I don't travel just to go shopping), Trinity College (that was a great 2 minutes ahha), Temple Bar district (a bunch of pubs - fun at night), and the Guinness Storehouse (by FAR the best thing Dublin had to offer). Yes, Dublin is definitely lacking in some sights. We ate some oysters, drank some Guinness, had some Guinness brown bread, and drank some more Guinness.

The Guinness Storehouse is a museum along the same lines as the Heineken in Amsterdam. However, I'd give the Guinness Storehouse an 8 and the Heineken Museum a 10. Still worth the visit. You get some free beer and learn about the history of Guinness in an entertaining sort of way. By far, the Guinness Storehouse was the best thing to see/do in Dublin.

Did I mention, it rained.. and rained.. and rained... ? and that could have influenced my opinion of the city.. but still.

We stayed at the Mercantile, which was a nice pub/bar in a nice location (close to Grafton St shopping and the Temple Bar district), BUT the hotel itself is ABOVE a bar. This makes for noisy sleeping time and smelly time all around. We have learned now, the hard way (this was our 2nd time staying above a restaurant/bar), NOT TO STAY ABOVE A RESTAURANT OR BAR... EVER!! It stinks. Literally.

While we didn't care for the city, it was nice hearing English all the time, being able to ask questions, and talk to random people in the pubs. People were also super friendly. But overall, best and only good thing about Dublin = Guinness.

Temple Bar

Guinness Store House

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