Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Ascension Day

Today is one of those awesome days when America should get a lesson and have more holidays. Today, the Germans are celebrating the Ascension Day (Catholic Holiday), the 40th day after Easter, the day that Jesus ascended into Heaven... and the Germans take this seriously... by taking off working, walking through the town (there are 4 different stations set up) and singing for about an hour, and then hitting up the biergartens for the rest of the day. Life is gut.

In other news (das wetter), we had some nasty weather this week. Often times, in Germany, it rains. Not news. But rarely, rarely, do we get badass thunderstorms, lightening and all.. and that is JUST what happened yesterday! I was outside drinking my coffee, reading my book (the usual morning ritual) in der sonne, when all of a sudden, the winds begin, and the clouds roll in, and we get an AWESOME thunderstorm, lightening and all. I ran through the house shutting all the windows, and then moved my ritual to our bedroom because we have the cool windows that face the sky so you can REALLY hear the rain. It went on for a few hours and it was just glorious!

In other Rapalje News, I, Casey Rapalje, will be employed... for two weeks. Hahah. But really. I had lunch with my old German teacher on Tuesday and she hooked me up with a 16 year old girl who need to brush up on her English before heading to FIJI for 4 months (and I thought my life was good..!). So I will be working with her 10-14 days, 3 hours a day, helping along her English. Should be fun! Today, I am heading into the city with a German friend for lunch. Tomorrow I get to meet one of my friend's new baby, Cooper AND tomorrow is the start of the Altstadt Festival in the city! We will head down there in the evening. And SATURDAY WE LEAVE FOR GRAN CANARIA!! Yes, I already said it, but Life is Gut :)

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