Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Portuguese Seafood on the Algarve Coast

Yes, our visit to Portugal was weeks ago, but the food is still on my mind :) We had some of the BEST SEAFOOD we've ever had when we were on the Algarve Coast. Here are pictures of our gourmet Portuguese food!

Octopus Casserole. The 2nd best dish we had all week in Portugal. There were two casserole options: Octopus and Seafood. We chose Octopus....expecting a CASSEROLE (and not so sure about the casserole part). But we tried it, and it was NOT your typical casserole (perhaps just a bad translation). It was awesome. More like a stirfry. And the Portuguese Octopus = AMAZING! TRY IT!

THE BEST MEAL OF THE TRIP! MONKFISH KEBABS! Oh my GOODNESS I cannot tell you how absolutely amazing these were. WOW. Seriously, thinking about these makes me salivate.. and it's been 2 weeks! The best dish of the trip, by far. Have you ever had Monk Fish? Man. Try it.

Sardines Before.

Sardines After! He was DYING for sardines. NOT as good as the sardines in Cinque Terre, but still delicious!

Monkfish Dinner #2. The first night was SO good, had to try it again. Monkfish + Prawn. DELICIOUS!

And to top it all off, the typical Algarvan Dessert - some sort of fig something that was on fire - great display!

The best appetizer we had was fish soup and all the restaurants offered it. It was basically a tomato soup FILLED to the brim with LOTS of fresh seafood (whatever the local fisherman brought in that day). Delicious. And cheap. Alex's favorite... I think he had it for 5 days straight :)

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