Thursday, June 9, 2011

we're back!! again!!!

After a 10 day Ireland trip and a 5 day Portugal trip, we are back to Deutschland! We arrived late last night to a lost car (that's what happens when someone else parks your car at the airport - long story) and a huge parking ticket (that's what happens when you are gone for over 2 weeks!), but we made it. Alex is of course, back to work, and I of course, am on my very extended Euro-vacation (no complaints here!).

While we were away, we visited 5 different Portuguese cities and over 30 Irish cities. It was a busy, filled, yet relaxing, and leisurely vacation. Tons of pictures were taken, but only 75% saved :( I am very sad to say my memory card went on the fritz and ate a quarter of my Ireland pictures. While the pictures I do have represent our trip well, I was trying to take a picture of every city we visited. OH WELL. Pictures of the lost cities include Cashel, Cahir, the Vee, Lismore Castle, Cork, Blarney, Kinsale (one of our favs), Old Head (Alex's favorite), Skibberreen, Baltimore, and Mizen Head - that's a lot of territory. I'd say I am most upset about Cashel (the rock was awesome, St. Patrick's cathedral was picturesque, and we got some great self portraits), the Vee (which was just a glorious view point where again, we had one great self portrait), Kinsale (a cute coastal town) and Lismore Castle (the prettiest castle we saw). Still hoping they may magically appear one day, but let's get real.

Tonight is a send-off Joe/welcome home Alex at zee Germans!! We always have a great time cooking out and drinking with the nachbars! AND I was just pleasantly surprised with news that A will not be working tomorrow!! So on top of a great 2 week trip, we also have a long weekend at home to enjoy Trier. Life probably couldn't get any better!

Pictures.. lots and lots of pictures.. to come!

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