Friday, November 4, 2011

Tuscan Wineries

While we were in Italy, we lined up (what I felt like was a LOT) of wineries to tour and taste. Ethan knows his wine, so he had places in mind he wanted to see and taste at. Most, we emailed ahead of time to make a reservation. Being October, it was not prime tourist time and the reservation was necessary. A few we just saw and stopped at. My favorite was the small time Chianti producer. I just looooooveeee me some Chianti. One day, we drove an hour south into Montalcino to taste 2 different brands of Brunello.

*Argiano in Chianti - mine and A's favorite. A smaller winery, you can also stay there. The people were by far the friendliest. They offered cheese and crackers with their wine, which was nice, and no other place did that. We bought a bunch of Chianti here and fresh olive oil. Wine is inexpensive and good!

*Fattoria di Corsignano - We stayed here. The lady in charge of the tastings was NOT A's or Ethan's favorite person. She was American, not Italian like you would expect, and you could not pay the guys to have to talk to her again.

*La Collina - A random, SMALL winery we stopped at with no reservations. The man in charge was very friendly. The tasting area was not so well presented.. but it was nice to sample the small places as well.

*Felsina - I liked the cellars the best at this place. Wine, eh just ok. Ethan knew of and loved this wine. We made a reservation here.



*Fattoria di Bibbione

*Castello di Monteriggioni - Just stopped by here. We saw the town from afar and it was adorable! You can taste anytime and purchase right there. It is inside the castle walls - worth a stop!

*Barone Ricasoli

*Castello di Brolio - Recommended by the lady at Argiano. Good recommendation. We ate lunch and tasted wine here. It was a great recommendation and close to Argiano.

*Banfi - We had dinner and a tasting at Castello Banfi. The reservation included apertifs, cheese, crackers, 6 wines and 5 courses. They even made me a vegetarian tasting menu! Very nice dinner, glad we went! This is in Montalcino, not Chianti.

*Poggio Antico - In Montalcino, Brunello producer, not Chianti. We had reservations to tour and taste at this place - Ethan was a big fan. Brunello is different and apparently not common and super expensive in the States. Poggio is a BIG producer. We had a private tasting and tour and then purchased (too much) wine after. It was a good change from the Chianti!

The four of us - After our tasting at Poggio

Poggio Antico - Not a Chianti producer - Brunello.

Argiano in Chianti

Fattoria di Corsignano - Don't Recommend.. The wine is ok, but the lady in charge of the wine tasting, no thank you. No no no.

Felsina - Best wine cellar

Felsina - By far the best cellar we saw

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