Monday, February 6, 2012

26 and 30

This year for our birthdays, we decided to head to Dresden and Wroclaw. The trip was GREAT, but really, the weekend before our birthdays. So on our actual birthdays, we had mini-celebrations here!!

For my birthday, the snow god of Germany decided to produce! WOOHOO!! I love the snow. A surprised me by coming home from work early! We had lunch, played in the snow with the pups, made brandy bundt cake (delicious), watched a movie (the Ides of March), ate cheese with bread for dinner, and the neighbors came over for some wine and hanging out. It was a low key, but enjoyable night.

For A's birthday, I surprised him by getting a BASKIN ROBBINS ice cream birthday cake. Of course the one year it is difficult to get an ice cream cake (I KNOW I could've made one.. but come on, I would have had to do that on MY birthday) , he is DYING for an ice cream cake. Since I went to Landstuhl to see the McMurry girls a few days before, I got the cake from base. It worked out perfectly. I also got him a sushi making kit, so we made our own sushi for dinner. Our expectataions were not super high, so we were really surprised when it turned out absolutely delicious. Again, the neighrbos came over to hang out, have some wine and cake, and 'congratulate' Alex on his 30 years (Germans so funny about birthdays - I just love it!). Gosh, I really hope we have such great neighbors when we move back to America. We've been so lucky here!

It was the last year of birthdays in Germany ... sad. But we have lived it up.

A using his new sushi making equipment

The rolls turned out amazingly beautiful AND delicious... although the picture doesn't do it justice

A's Ice Cream Cake + my flowers from Michaella

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake - how very American!

Jill lighting the '30'

Surprise from the Ilbertz'!

Snow in Kasel - FINALLY!!

My birthday dinner - Cheese and Wine! Of course.

Pups in the Snow!

Got to hang out with my favorite girlies the day before... but only Ms. Claire pictured

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