Wednesday, February 8, 2012


fesian flats

all the men wore these cloaks with pointed hoods... yes, creepy


in the medinah... in the midst of being scammed.... before the clothes were removed by our little friend

ryad salama. pictures really don't do this courtyard justice.

ryad salama

reflections at our ryad

outside of the medinah wall

mosques and the call to prayer

Tea ALL the time

oranges for sale

plates for sale

Walked up a few random steps beside a busy, busy street and what did we find? A shepperd...

...and his sheep

Cafe Clock

yes, those are what you think they are. they make soup out of them after the weekly sacrifice. i know...

A was so excited about the brain. 'Brains, Casey, Brains, Brains, Get the Brains, Did you get them?! Brains'

fragrant and delicious - rose water

camel meat available today

dates. dates. and more dates.

cooking school attendees

a trip to the public oven

the dessert we made - Pastilla sheet with fruit and yogurt

Apricot & Prune Tangine w/Beef - the main dish we cooked in cooking school. More meals learned, but not pictured. My favorite: Zaalouk Salad. WOW! Seriously delicious. Recipe to come!

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