Monday, February 13, 2012


A HUGE part of traveling is the food. Food is culture. Needless to say, we've eaten a LOT of food since traveling through Europe.
And I always take pictures of our food - I know, weird. Usually on with my iPhone so it draws less attention at the restaurant! I have tons of saved food pictures that I was always thinking I'd blog about and never got around to, so here's a start! Also, I recently read in one of my travel magazines about the app 'Food Spotting.' It recognizes where you are and then uploads pictures that people have shared from what they've eaten in the area. If you see a picture that looks good, you can see the restaurant it was taken at and the meal eaten! Kinda fun! I've been adding the pictures I take (finally, a use for them!) and seeing other people's as well, just for fun!

'Wish from the Kitchen' @ Mosaiq in Wroclaw. Ginger Carrot Sesame Soup. Unexpected taste and absolutely delicious. This was brought out right after we ordered our food and wine and after one bite, we were both excited for the upcoming meal.

Scallops with a mixed mustard sauce, ginger, and pomegranate seeds @ Mosaiq in Wroclaw

Black Truffle Soup @ Mosaiq in Wroclaw served with a sweet(er) bread with mushrooms on top. Wonderful.

My Main Course in Wroclaw @ Mosaiq - Sting Ray. I was nervous about getting this, but read that the restaurant is KNOWN for their 'sauteed ray fish,' so I had to try it. It was fantastic. The texture is something I was just not expecting, Much, MUCH better than anticipated. I would get this again in a second.

Wroclaw Poland @ Mosaiq. A's Main Course: Veal Piccata.

The best dessert we have EVER had, seriously. And we both agree. In our Ryad in Fes, made by the owner, a mousse drenched in this amazingly sweet and tart raspberry sauce. WOW. Really wow. I would ONLY go back to Fes for that dessert.

Black Truffle Cream Soup. I have nevver had anything that I don't like when truffles are involved (Colmar, France)

Appetizer in France: Fresh Munster Cheese + Walnut Salad. OH MY! We were less than an hour away from Munster, France and by the taste of this cheese, you could really tell. Completely delicious. Since then, we've been addicted to goat cheese + walnuts on our salad. No, not at all like Munster, but the Munster here just isn't the same.

Main Course in France: A's Roasted Pig Leg... kind of like the turkey leg at Hokie Games, but more delicious. (Colmar). I had fish... but apparently didn't think it was picture worthy

and of course old faithful: pommes mit mayo, bier, und gluhwein! (Berlin)

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