Monday, March 12, 2012

ελληνικά τρόφιμα

In case you can't read Greek, this is a post about Greek Food. You know we're foodies and we always take pictures of what we're eating, even if it is with the iPhone and it doesn't look nearly as pretty as it does in person. I've decided to finally use the hundreds of pictures stored on my ancient and about to break iPhone 3G (yes, it's that old) and make it food week! These are all dishes we had while in Santorini and Naxos, Greece. After being in Greece for a week and having absolutely amazing meals day after day, Greek restaurants (even in Europe) just don't do it for me! Spoiled, I know.

fresh, homemade, still warm pita. amazingly delicious.


fried feta. mmmmm!

you have to have a greek salad... which fyi, contains no lettuce

moussaka... NOT vegetarian!

stuffed vine leaves with tziziki. one of my favorite greek dishes.

chickpea cutlets


cold mixed fava bean salad

mashed fava beans

and the winner of best Greek food: Phyllo Dough stuffed with Feta, Sundried Tomatoes, Spices, and flash-fried. OH MY GOSH, there are AMAZING. So amazing, we've made them at home multiple times. While they are not nearly as pretty, but almost as good. the chef walked out to take our order and highly recommended them. wow. we could've eaten sooo many more.

lady's fingers. similar to baklava, but we both like baklava better

you can't lose with baklava. and you also can't imagine how much of this A eats!

greek yogurt and honey in Santorini. yes, better than Chobani! a delicious breakfast...especially on the balcony overlooking the Caldera!

greek night: homemade stuffed vine leaves.

finished product: homemade stuffed vine leaves. kasel grape leaves. cooking light recipe.

greek night last week: homemade kalamata olive dip, hummus, tahini dip. my hummus always wins!

homemade spanikopita at greek night last week. the recipe was from cooking light and it was surprisingly SUPER delicious. would make it again in a second!

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