Thursday, March 8, 2012

the wal-mart of wine

.... minus the trashy clientele!

The French, although skinny, know how to eat.. and drink. So over the weekend, I headed to Forbach, France, just over the border to check out a wine market, housed just outside one of the major French grocery stores, Cora. What a find! This place was CRAZY. I have never seen so much wine! There was wine from everywhere in France and it was being sold at great, I mean great prices. The market itself was slammed with Frenchies, Deutschies, and us! Seriously, people were getting warehouse sized carts and filling them with boxes and boxes of wine - we're talking thousands of dollars. Knowing how much the Europeans love to drink, I'm not sure why I was surprised, but I was!

After buying some French wine (come on now, had to do it!), I headed into the Cora to see if they offered anything the German grocery stores didn't. I didn't think it would be THAT different because the German grocery stores are pretty darn impressive. But wow, Cora. I mean, it's a grocery store, I know, but wow. Unbelievable food, more wine, cheese, and bread. You CANNOT beat French bread. This place was heaven! After trying the bottles I bought, I'll have to go back to restock and add to the collection!

Think this guy has enough baguettes?

Forbach Wine Market: Avenue de l’Europe, 57602 Forbach, France.

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