Monday, March 26, 2012

ein Wochenende in Trier

A had the weekend off and surprise, we did NOT go somewhere! I know, hard to believe. We were planning on heading to Liechtenstein for a few nights, but after looking at the weather here, decided to stay. When A is on call, we hang out in Trier more, but the possibility of having to work limits the fun. The weather was perfect and we had an awesome weekend!

good morning, Kasel!

a glorious bike ride to Schweich on Thursday for lunch with friends

wine tents set up in the city for the Easter Market. i love me some german riesling.

lunch in the city with jandee after a great morning of shopping at the market

if its 70F and sunny, not a cloud in the sky, its not possible to skip the snickers gelato. simply not possible.

and i thought we liked wine!

Trier setting up to display 'the robe of Christ'

fresh tulips from the local market

danke, Mirjam!

more fresh flowers from the local market!

Friday night drinks (and dinner for some) at the Schnitzelstube with the Kasel Women :) Is this not a gi-normoussss schnitzel (that comes with fries AND salad)?!

@Coffee Fellows. My substitute for Mill Mountain!

Saturday morning breakfast at Coffee Fellows. One of the 2 places in Trier that has bagels, my weakness!

my thoughts exactly!


hanging out at the rugby game. Bos and Riva got lots of attention from zee Germans

Saturday afternoon at the Trier Women's Rugby Tournmanet. my friend Jandee is on the team...verrryyy interesting to watch!

the perfect weather for grill night at Mir's

i made the most delicious strawberry rhubarb crumb pie with fresh strawberries and rhubarb from the market! it was a hit!

30 minutes later, half gone... 12 hours later, all gone! (we did share!)

Riva, taking in the view of Kasel from our picnic spot

reading and white burgundy wine (from across the street at the Scherf Vineyard) on our amazing porch

long walks through the weinberg

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