Tuesday, March 13, 2012

cibo italiano


pretty much sums up our Tuscany trip with Ethan and Kathryn. We had some awesome food!

can't go wrong starting the meal off with fresh bruschetta

mm bruschetta!

porcini risotto

pizza in sienna

mixed appetizers - all on fresh bread of course

cheese filled tortellinis with fresh sage

dinner at Castello Banfi - ricotta and zucchini flan on sheep cheese sauce

homemade pasta is alwaysssss the best!

homemade tortellinis

tuscan wine - Ethan did most of the picking!

tuscan wine - faber

dinner at castello banfi

tuscan wine - faber

dinner at castello banfi - homemade tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms

tuscan wine - caparzo

chocolate cake. can't go wrong there.

tuscan wine - fontodi chianti classico.

dessert at castello banfi - their version of cheese cake. fantastico!

tuscan wine

creme brulee

wine in Como, Italy at the 'wine cave'

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