Friday, May 25, 2012

new digs

welcome to our new (to us) temporary apartment in Schweich, Germany

 the most important part?! the lovely outside area! yes!

Unfortunately for us, we moved out of our Kasel house. It takes our belongings a good while to arrive in America and seeing as we'll only be living in Ohio for 11 months and have to sign a leaseon a house for a year, it was better to try and get our stuff there about the same time we'd be getting there.

When we moved to Germany, we had the same sort of problem. We were stuck in a temporary house in Speicher called the Weidenhof Palace. OH MY GOSH thank GOODNESS we are not living there again. Talk about ghetto. And 70s. And sketchy people. Of course, I was by myself for a good part of it, which contributed to the terrible. We were on the third floor, no elevator, with 2 dogs. Not the best situation.

So this time, we were smarter about the whole deal and moved into a 'ferienwohnung,' or apartment rental. They are ALL OVER Germany and I'm not sure why we didn't know about these kinds of places then. Someone needs to get hte word out to the new people coming in - don't live in the Weidenhof Palace, find a ferienwohnung! Luckily for us, one of my German friends owns one that she rents out and it's close to Kasel in a town called Schweich. It is MUCH nicer than the one in Speicher - the whole apartment AND the people! No complaints.

We got back from Scandinavia yesterday and moved in with the few belongings we didn't ship. Then last night while we should have been unpacking, Tatjana and her husband Lars, decided we should have a little wine welcome instead.. A few hours and a few bottles later, we managed to unpack nothing. Oh well.

Pictures from Scandinavia to come soon! 

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