Monday, May 28, 2012

so long, Scherfs

As we promised Herr Scherf, our neighbor (not the same Scherfs who make our favorite wine.. another. Scherf is like Smith in German, very common), we popped by on Saturday afternoon for a drink. He'd been begging us for some American whiskey, so A bought him some Maker's Mark as a good-bye gift! 

Over the past three years, he's invited himself over multiple times to drink A's Jack Daniels, walk around our house, yap in German, etc etc. On his first visit to our house, he saw a black and white picture of my Grandparents from the 1940s after he got back from WWII. He pointed to my Grandma and said, "Sie ist ein fiiiiiiine frau!" HA!

This visit was just as exciting. After answering the door with no pants on (mental image for life), he proceeded to yap our ears off again, only in German, for about 2 hours. He was SO excited over the Maker's Mark, it was just hilarious. He did not however want to open it... at ALL. He kept telling us how it could last for 100 years, etc etc. He yapped some more about Egypt, his wife (who's in the hospital), his grandkids, etc. We went through a local bottle of Sekt and a bottle of Champagne, both of which he insisted were the best... better than wine. Oh and pretzels of course, he IS German afterall. 

At the end of our visit, he kept repeating something to me in German. I was confused. Something about a kiss. Turns out, he was asking me if he could kiss me on the lips. Of course he asked me this when A went to go take the dogs out. I was taken by complete surprise when he planted one on me. A's only quesiton: did he slip you the tongue. BAHAHAHA. Oh geez. 

 Showed us a picture of Kasel from 1950. He's lived in Kasel for 70 years. In his same house for 35. Kasel used to be spelled with a C - Casel. From this picture, you can see many of the same houses, restaurants, his house growing up (a pig farm), and our favorite house in Kasel which has recently been restored and is beautiful. Our house did not yet exist!
SO excited over some good ol' American 'viskey'

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