Thursday, May 24, 2012

Riga, Latvia

RyanAir strikes again.

We had our whole Scandinavian adventure planned out perfectly... our hotels, our transportation, etc etc. Then RyanAir cancelled our flight home from Tallinn. Well, that's not entirely true. They delayed it.. 3 days. Yea, we couldn't stay in Tallinn for 3 additional days. 3 more days in Estonia (5.5 total)? Nah. So we were forced to buy another flight. Unfortunately, not another airline flies into Frankfurt Hahn Airport. So we bought an AirBaltic flight from Tallinn to Frankfurt Main.. unfortunately for us, this flight came with a three hour layover in Riga, Latvia. Normally I'd welcome the opportunity to explore a new country. But all we have time to do is explore the airport coffee shops. So far, the coffee is good, chocolate croissants terrible. Once we arrive at Frankfurt Main, we have to take the RyanAir bus to Frankfurt Hahn, get our car, and then drive home. All in all, RyanAir jipped us of 5+ hours.

Fortunately, our flight to Oslo, Norway last week was, dare I say, last RyanAir flight... EVER. Hallelujah.

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