Monday, May 14, 2012

Tschuss, Kasel

Last night was our last night sleeping in our Kasel house, our favorite house.

Today is the last moving today, our last day in Kasel.

Right now, I am drinking my last cup of coffee on the porch, my favorite spot, overloooking our beautiful courtyard and Neustrasse, watching everyone walk down the street to catch the bus for work.

Sad, yes.

Tonight, we are heading to my friend Jandee's to stay. We will be there 2 nights before we head to Scandinavia for 8 nights (Oslo to Goteborg to Copenhagen to Helsinki to Tallinn - adding 4 new countries to our list!). Upon our return, we move into our ferienwohnung (vacation rental apartment) at Tatjana's in Schweich, one of the neighboring villages, where we will remain until June 10. Then, we head to Croatia for 8 days with some friends, then back to base for the last 3 nights.

We fly into Baltimore on June 20. From there, we'll immediately head to Blacksburg where I'll spend the next 10 ish days with the pups while A does his checking in, etc etc at the new base.

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