Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My home is my Kasel

Our Very Last Day in Kasel

The dogs love Kasel.

The last Kasel weinfest we will attend. Prosting with the Scherfs at their booth.

Mrs. Scherf is awesome. At the weinfest, we said good-bye to the Scherfs. Fortunately, we have a large stock pile of their delicious wine. They kept telling us we had to come back and visit. They have an extra room. They insisted we bring our (future) babies with us. Ha!

One of our favorite houses in Kasel.

Scherf booth.

Last meal at the Schnitzelstube, down the street from our house. Best schnitzel, Bitburger, Pommes mit mayo, und salat EVER

Last Bitburger

Best dog sitters of Kasel!!


One of the many wineries in Kasel: Chrisopher von Nell

Schnitzelstube. DELICIOUS!

Another winery in Kasel: Neuerberg Weinhaus. Best Rose in Kasel.

Moving Day Kasel
(a few weeks before)

The day started off nicely. Just look at our lovely view.

And then the storm moved in. Quite nasty.

The Scherf house before the storm.

The Scherf House and Winery (not the same Scherf). Svenja's house a street over.

Nasty storm.

Complete with hail. I think this was a sign we weren't supposed to move.

But then the sun came out again. Look at this great house. Man, I want to live here forever.

Neighbors. First a German couple (Doris, the actor, their son, and a golden retriever). Then Micael and Matt (best neighbors!). Then Tanya, York, and Nero.

Our beautiful house.

The view. Ahhh. REALLY missing this place.... especially after seeing the 'views' in Dayton.

As we pulled away, the residents of Neustrasse were lining the streets saying good-bye. It was so sad. I cried, of course. Everyone coming outside to wave (which we taught them how to do), shake our hands, say good luck, etc. Even the drunk across the street started crying! What a great place to live for three years, the best place.

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