Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Aruba.. is that in the Caribbean or the Netherlands?

So, apparently we don't know our history.. or know as much as about the Netherlands (A's FAVORITE country EVER) as we thought. 

When we booked our trip to Aruba (less than 24 hours before we left!), we thought we were just booking a trip to the Caribbean. Unbeknowst to us, we were going to the Netherlands! Had we known, we probably would've booked sooner! Like I said, it's A's favorite place. 

Aruba is a 'special municipality' of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Did you know that? Neither did we. However, once we got there, we had a few Dutch hints which led to the Google search.

Hint 1: Speculoos (or in this case, Speculaas) cookies! Yum!

 Hint 2: Wafels (not at all like American waffles. These are small, crispy, buttery and sweet goodness all at the same time. You do not cook them. You do not eat them hot)! Another yum!

Hint 3: Gouda Gouda Gouda Gouda Gouda everywhere (please ignore the wine and Malibu which have nothing to do with the Netherlands). 

Hint 4: Dutch people everywhere! Dutch people were visiting, Dutch people were living there, Dutch people were working there. 

It all makes sense now! So, if we can't get back to Europe, I guess Aruba (or Curacao or Sint Maarten - also part of the Netherlands) are viable options!

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