Monday, August 20, 2012

Los Angeles: A Travel Recommendation

Don't go!

You may have heard this once before... ahem.. Naples, Italy. And for Naples, the recommendation still stands.

Los Angeles is just as bad. Don't go there either.

No one in their right mind should ever, ever live in Los Angeles. And really, why even visit? The traffic is horrendous. Some days it took us 45 minutes to go three miles. Some days only 30 minutes. Either way, ridiculous. No one in their right mind could ever, ever (ever ever ever ever ever!) live there.  I guess, maybe, if you are super star struck, it MAY be worth a two day (max) visit. But for everyone else, avoid Los Angeles at all costs.

While I was there, we did the 'touristy' things... and we did the 'local' things. Both were unimpressive. Yes, the views from Griffith Observatory were nice (for LA). The restaurants were local and served good food. The Chinaman theater area is filled with crazies and good people watching. But none of these things are worth the trip. Trust me.

Pictures to come, but don't get too excited. Like I said, nothing impressive. 

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