Thursday, August 2, 2012

my dogs have friends

When we decided on going to Aruba, we had to face the issue of what to do with the dogs. Germany spoiled me. Many places we visited, the dogs could come along. If not, the neighbor girls watched them (miss them!) or we took them to the awesome farm family (miss them too!). I couldn't even begin to fathom the idea of maybe possibly having to take them to a kennel. No way.

Thankfully, we have neighbors. The only friendly ones/the only ones we have really met since being here are the people that live to our left. They have been in their house for 25 years. 4 dogs (well, at the time, now they are at 5) and 4 boys who all live at home (let's not go there). I met Cecilia, the Mom, day one. She is super friendly (she even brought me my very own tomato plant the other day!). I asked her if one of her sons would be willing to watch the dogs. She said yes and immediately sent her youngest, Mike (17), to come over and talk to me about it. He didn't seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, but I knew that with her looking over his shoulder, it would probably all work out. Well, 2 days before we left, another son came over, Kevin (21). He said that Mike wasn't responsible enough so he was going to be watching the dogs. Ok, whatever, that works too. We went through the whole drill. 

When we got back, the dogs were alive! WOOHOO! I will gladly ask Kevin again! The next morning, I walked over to talk to Cecilia, ask how they did, if they barked, etc etc. She said Kevin brought Bud over, their Rott, to play. Bud and the other 4 dogs are constantly sitting at the connecting fence, obviously wanting to play ball with Boston and Riva. Bud, Bos, and Riva got along great supposedly, chasing balls, etc. But after Kevin left, Bud started missing B&R.. even though they can see each other 24/7. So Bud dug a hole underneath our connecting fence so our 2 rather large yards because 1 massive dog park. Before she knew what had happened, all four dogs were just playing and chasing each other around the new massive dog park, loving life. That didn't last for long, she told me. She start patching up the holes and anchoring in the fence. She thought that would work... little did she know.... Bud did it again the next day. So we're sitting in the yard and she's telling me all about this. I'm cracking up. How funny is that?! My dogs are so social.

Yesterday, Bud must've been having withdrawal because I walked outside when I woke up to throw the balls for the dogs and pick up poop (my life is glamorous), when surprise, I had 3 dogs to throw the balls for! Bud had made his way over, or under really, once again. Bud's desire to have play time with Boston and Riva out did the newly clamped in fence. Fortunately for me, he is the friendlist Rott ever and the dogs all get along great! I am completely fine with him coming over to play. Unfortunately for Boston and Riva, Bud is a ball hog. He can fit 2 balls in his mouth and while the others can't fit, he does gather the rest of the balls in a pile and lay on them so B&R can't have a one. It's beyond hysterical to me to see Boston and Riva going crazy over the missing tennis balls.

Heya miss, can I play in your yard?! 

Playing together like civilized folk.

While I don't love our house (it is better than the pictures made it out to be), I do love our yard (minus the mosquitoes of course). It is fully fenced in and absolutely perfect for the dogs and A grilling out! Here is a picture of A's nightly ritual.. sitting outside, throwing the ball for the dogs, drinking a beer, and grilling. It will be quite difficult to go from such an awesome outdoor space to virtually none in Baltimore. Argh.

The only cool thing we've done in Ohio... taste tested local Craft Beers.

Aaaand not at all related to anything, I really miss this weather.

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