Wednesday, May 4, 2016

29 Free* Days in New York City (Part 2 of 29)

*free lodging of the month on the Upper East Side

Day 2 - Colton managed to sleep a little longer in the kitchen (630am). Rain. Rain. More rain. Rain on rain. But we have this teeny tiny heinous apartment, so we had to get out. I mapped my route. Morning 2 consisted of Pick A Bagel, Barnes & Noble (a good rainy place to play no matter the city, although this one didn't have a train table which C found VERY disappointing), and Hu Kitchen.

Nothing much to say about Pick A Bagel or B&N. BUT HU KITCHEN. Now that is a different story. I routed my morning based on Hu Kitchen. I read about it online - a paleo place - the menu looked fabulous - and with C's soy intolerance, I thought, well, let's try it. Plus something healthy. I felt like we both needed vegetables in our life. It did not disappoint. My goodness. I wound up just getting this three side deal that I shared with C and it was so yummy - caramelized pineapple with cashew cream sauce, no stir vegetable stir (which C ate all of), and roasted cauliflower with turmeric and other Indian-esque spices. But I want to go back. And straight vegetables for lunch - a win.

After lunch, we went to Joe's Coffee where I had another Americano (and the best so far) and Colton had a free macaroon. A met us to play at Central Park after work. It was raining and chilly. We wanted to have dinner at Via Quaddrono, but it wasn't for C unfortunately, so we wound up stopping at a Deli across the street, Marche Madison, and got a few things.. and C got a free cookie. It was great!

After two full days here, I learned that cute little Colton gets free food everywhere he goes. A cookie at the deli, some pineapple at Hu Kitchen, and a macaroon at Joe's, all on Tuesday. Monday was no different - he got a mini cone for free at Momofuku. The kid is cute, what can I say?! When in New York, bring your toddler, they'll eat for free :)

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