Wednesday, May 4, 2016

29 Free* Days in New York City (Part 3 of 29)

*free lodging for the month on the UES

Day 3 - more rain. Eesh! I thought it was May. BUT by 9am, the day was already considered to be a huge success because I met three other moms all with 2 year olds, all of who live in the building, most of which on our actual floor (never mind that we all were awake by 6am and no one slept well). Colton is the oldest, but he's not at the point where he's 'too cool' to hang out with younger ones, so we're all good. 

We met the first boy in our hall. He was riding his scooter up and down the hall while we were on our way out to breakfast (Colton's third of the day - surprise). We walked out with them and scheduled a play date at this 'hidden' park by our apartment for 11:30. Colton and I went to yet another new bagel spot - Bagel Bob's on York. It was very good - maybe as good at H&H... but we better go back to H&H to double check :) It wasn't nearly as expensive, they had mini bagels (perfect for us instead of sharing), but it was a further walk.. so.. I don't know who wins... yet. After, we walked up to Carl Schurz Park which was quite a gem - not busy, great playground, beautifully kept grounds, alongside the Gracie Mansion - also beautiful. We walked back along 1st and found a few Italian grocers that were a STEAL compared to the others we'd been to. Walked back to the apartment to meet the kiddos for playdate at the hidden park where Colton got practice on an extra scooter (ALLLL the kids here ride scooters all the time, everywhere!) 

After nap, (well his nap is going to be cut short today sadly) Jess and Jackson are picking us up and taking us to Westchester to stay at her Mom's! 

Part 4 of 29 may be delayed!

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