Thursday, May 12, 2016

29 Free* Days in NYC - Yankee Stadium

Yesterday, NYC had the most perfect of perfect weather conditions... AND A got home early.... so we squeezed on over to Yankee Stadium to add another ballpark to our list and to compare it to Camden Yards, which remains our favorite. 

We took the Metro at 5:30p. It was crammed. We were touched on all sides the entire trip and dripping with sweat by the time we arrived, BUT it was only a 20ish minute ride and less than $6, so can't really complain. We do prefer biking though :) The Yankees have changed their ticketing policy to avoid fans paying less than face value for tickets, so after arriving, A had to hike over to a stub hub storefront to pick up our tickets. The neighborhood could've been better. C and I stayed by the stadium and watched little league practice and played football with some random kids hanging outside of the stadium. Worked out ok 

Yankee Stadium was great. It lived up to the expectations. The game wasn't overly crowed, which was perfect for us. The crowd was into the game. My favorite Yankees pitcher was pitching, Pinneda, it was 70F outside, I had a footlong Nathan's hot dog, our seats were fine without being expensive, and Colton even made it on the big screen!

Yes, this is Jeter. However, Colton has a make believe (?) baseball player that he talks about, so he said this was him - Dave Rapalje 

Colton on the big screen! I didn't take the photo - a random guy a row back got it, walked over, and texted it to us. Very nice. Later that night on the ride home, Colton was actually recognized by a couple random fans - 'hey, i know you kid, you were on the big screen!'

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