Friday, May 13, 2016

29 Free* Days in NYC - American Museum of Natural History

Of all the museums in NYC, I think I was MOST excited about this museum.... I thought C would love it. Wrong. The first Saturday we were here we took a nice walk through Central Park to the Upper West Side - stopped and had bagels (of course) and also stopped at Levain Bakery (the most amazingly chocolate chip cookies of life - seriously) before heading to the American Museum of Natural History. We got there right at opening (thankfully wasn't busy yet). We paid what we wanted (suggested admission is $22/pp, but you can pay whatever you want... really!) and headed in. C was less than thrilled the entire time. 'These animals don't move! They aren't breathing!' And he's right. For a kid who regularly goes to the aquarium (or the zoo, that's just not us), the American Museum of Natural History will not be very exciting. I hate the word 'bored,' but he was. We lasted an hour and took to Central Park (again) to play outside.

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