Monday, November 16, 2009


The neighbor girls who watch the dogs come over often. They pretend to do their homework here, play with the dogs, play the wii, etc. They think it's cool to have an American friend. Well, randomly one day, I showed them some videos of Bhatta and I, including, 'The Flip,' where Bhatta flips a ginormous pancake in the kitchen at Destin, successfully! The girls didn't know what pancakes were!!! How could you not know what pancakes are?! On my next shopping trip on base, the girls come with me and stock up on American junk food, including pancake mix (Oreos are a HUGE hit with the Germans). They take all the groceries back with them, excited to try all the foods (cereal, chips and salsa, pancakes, brownie mix, popcorn, anything microwavable since the Germans don't have microwaves, etc) and that's the last I hear of the pancakes.. until last night.

While I was working on my homework last night, the girls came over saying they were having problems making pancakes. They had friends over and wanted to eat them but couldn't figure it out (I forgot the directions were in English, which they speak well, but don't read quite as well). I walk in the kitchen and find a huuuuge pan is filled with a TON of oil and about half the pancake batter. I said, "Ok, let's try this again. Warm up a new pan, get out your Pam, and I'll show you how to make pancakes." They don't have Pam, they don't know what Pam even is. And they don't have syrup or butter! How could you eat pancakes without syrup?!!! They cook everything in lots and lots of EVOO, which didn't quite work with the pancakes. The pancake batter was just swimming in oil. Not to0 appetizing. So we get the syrup, butter, and Pam from my house, and cook the Germans up their first batch of pancakes, which they loved!

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