Tuesday, November 3, 2009

For Sale

One 10mo. old Labrador Retriever, Riva, and her 18mo. old sister, Boston.

Their puppy faces and entertaining wrestling will help you to forget they just chewed on your new wooden patio chairs. They love to be outside, chase tennis balls, wrestle, shed endless amount of hair on your clean floor, and drool while you're cooking dinner. Riva is an expert at cleaning up her own and others' poop (be it dog, cow, or horse), gobbling it up whenever and wherever she can find it. Boston will keep you in physical shape with her peanut-sized bladder needing to relieve itself every hour.

Special Discount, today, this week, or anytime in the near future: FREE! Riva, Boston, or both! Will ship internationally at no additional cost to you!

(Not really, but gosh, sometimes it's tempting.)

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