Thursday, November 19, 2009

Watch Your Step

(The Creek and Snake #1)

Boston and Riva are very habitual, in part, I guess, because I am habitual. We have our 45 minute morning walk everyday (of course there are multiple routes we take), and play time by the creek. Recently, it's been muddy and rainy and I haven't let them play in the water. Today, however, was absolutely gorgeous. No coat needed! I was still hoping they wouldn't wind up wet, but that didn't last long.

Boston only chases after the tennis ball. Riva only chases after the stick. This morning, Bos, while chasing after a ball, disappeared into the brush, only to come out five minutes later, soaking wet. Of course at that point, Riva sees her and also joins in the fun. Now I have two wet dogs. At least it's sunny and warm out!

Occasionally, Boston loses the tennis ball under the apple tree. She can't tell the difference between apples and tennis balls (they both are constantly gorging themselves on fallen apples, eating the entire thing, thank you raw food diet). Today, same story. Another lost tennis ball under the apple tree. Boston is searching frantically. I walk over to help her (I of course can tell the difference between an apple and tennis ball!) and step on a snake! EEK! This is the SECOND German snake I've encountered (a little larger than the first). Luckily, they've been friendly, unlike some of the other Germans I've met! No harm no foul, but I think our next project will be to mow/weed eat some of the brush so one of the dogs doesn't get a snake bite!

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