Thursday, November 12, 2009

O Tannenbaum

The Germans outdo the Americans on all major holidays. New Years, Easter, and especially Christmas, with their month-long celebration, christmas markets, picturesque snowy towns, chocolate, gluhwein, and the like. All holidays, that is, except for Thanksgiving, which theyobviously don't celebrate. As we found out last night, not having Thanksgiving makes them feel left out.

Shopping in Trier during the day, A and I ran into a street celebration in the walking platz. A band, everyone dressed up in crazy hats and costumes, and of course, vendors selling beer, brats, and for the holiday season, gluhwein (a warm, spiced wine - delicious). We had no idea what the celebration was for, but of course joined in.

When we got home that afternoon, our neighbor told us about a celebration going on in Trier. She said, 'it's like our Thanksgiving.' She explained that the town meets at the top of the hill, the kids bearing homemade lanterns, the older boys carrying fire sticks, and walk all the way down (responsibly of course, meaning with the fire dpt.) to the town center while singing songs. We of course joined in and thankfully were not caught of fire by all the crazy boys carrying fire sticks. At the bottom of the hill, a huge bonfire, free sugar pretzels, and of course, beer and gluhwein.

While the holiday was nothing like Thanksgiving, it was a fun thing to partake in on a random Wednesday night. With Thanksgiving being just around the corner, we'll have to see who outdoes who on this holiday!
Marie and I drinking gluhwein

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