Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Old Battles the New

The new couch has arrived.. in part. All we're missing now is the love seat. But what a process this has been.

First, we find out the couch is FINALLY in stock. Of course, it is ONLY the couch, no love seat. What to do, what to do? With the German work force the way it is AND the AF the way it is, who knows when they both would've been in stock at the same time. So we jump on it and buy the couch. Next decision, should we rent a moving van and drive it back to the house today or have it delivered? We rented a moving van for the patio furniture and everything went smoothly. Again, with the German work ethic, who knows when it would be delivered. Decision made! Alex will be picking it up since he's already in the area and bringing it home. I await patiently.

2 hours later (at this point I'm thinking he would be almost home), Alex calls, lost. Great. I don't know how to help? I'm an hour away and don't know my way around that part of the country. Googlemap to the rescue? No, Completely useless. I finally get the genius idea of calling a friend who was stationed in the area. She calls Alex and magically, he is found again :) Of course at this point, he's on the phone, swearing and saying he doesn't even want the couch anymore. One hour later, the couch, the moving van, my grumpy husband, and the rain have arrived. Luckily the landlord is home to help move it into the house and it looks great!

After all his hard work, Alex sits down to rest. Where does he sit? The old couch (which will temporarily remain in the living room until we have help to move it)! Where does he fall asleep in front of the TV? The old couch! As Bhatta stated, guess it was just his way of saying goodbye!

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