Monday, June 28, 2010

Dutch Essentials: Cheese & Clogs

On my most recent visit to Amsterdam, we stopped at Amstelveen on the way out of town to visit a cheese and clog farm called Clara Maria. While I thought it would be fun for my younger cousins, I never guessed it would be so much fun for me!

The view was gorgeous! The entrance was free! The cheese tasting was free! Have I convinced you yet?

The owner puts on a cheese-making demonstration (10:30am), as well as a clog-making demonstration. He is a local Dutch man, but speaks great English, which can partly be attributed to his 3-generation American Air Force bride (who was SO friendly, so fun!). The business has been in the family for many generations. Megan, my little cousin, got to help with the clog-making demonstration and made her own clog to bring home! All three of us ate what seemed like 10 pounds of cheese and came home with TOO many souvenirs. Overall, a fabulous afternoon break from the city of Amsterdam.

Clara Maria:

Posing outside the Clara Maria
Megan making a clog.. with a hole in it :)
Emily & I being cautious while Megan made a clog

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