Sunday, June 20, 2010

Amsterdam Expert

Amsterdam is one of those places that gets a bad rap.... Why? 1. Red Light District 2. Legal Marijuana. But Amsterdam has SO much more to offer and is definitely worth visiting. I, having been 3 times already, heading there again Wednesday (for a 4th time), and anticipate multiple other visits (mainly while friends are visiting since it's only a short drive/train ride away), have become quite the Amsterdam expert.

First of all, Amsterdam (rain or shine.. but mainly rain) is gorgeous. The old houses and shops along the canals are picturesque. You are constantly surrounded by the good-looking (and for the most part, English speaking!!!) Dutch riding their bikes. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the city has so much to offer.

The food is international.. and fabulous. With the area being a mix of many different cultures, you can find authentic Bangladesh, Moroccan, Indian, Asian, (and much more) and not to mention, melt-in-your-mouth local cheese!

Museums for all - children to adult. Just to name a few, the Van Gogh museum (a favorite of mine), the Heineken Experience (my other favorite), Rijksmuseum, Anne Franke House, Rembrandt Museum, wind mill museum, and many, many more. While you may get "museumed-out," the Heineken Experience is unlike any other museum you will ever attend, and the Van Gogh is just breath-taking.

Other Amsterdam favorites include canal rides and the floating flower market, but honestly, you can be entertained by simply biking or walking around, night or day, sitting at a cafe, and people watching. The area is gorgeous, the people are gorgeous, the food is wonderful, and it's just an overall relaxing, friendly place.

During my last Amsterdam trip in a GIANT clog


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  2. Nice post!
    By the way, if you have any intentions of visiting Red Light District, you should check out The Amsterdam Red Light Guide