Monday, June 21, 2010

Daylight Difference

The long you live in Germany, the more you notice major differences between 'home' (the good 'ol US of A) vs. Deutschland. One thing I've come to really enjoy is the length of day time from Spring on in Germany. It's true, in summer time, afternoons are extended everywhere - daylight lasting much longer. But in America, it's a trade off: darker mornings for brighter afternoons/evenings/nights. In Germany, you get the best of both worlds: light at 5am UNTIL 11pm - the whole country (or all of Europe, really) experiencing a maximum of 6 hours of dark per day. Not quite sure how or why this is, but I've come to love it. I find myself feeling much more awake for longer periods of time and spending every possibly second outside in the sunshine. Now, if only Winter could brighten up a little, we'd have perfection!

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