Monday, June 14, 2010

WM Live - Go Deutschland!

Last night was Germany's first World Cup game vs. Austrailia and what a success!! 4-0 Germany! Looks while we'll be one of the teams making it out of the group.

Watching the USA play England was fun because it's always a good time rooting for your country. But let me tell you, watching Germany kick butt in a German city with a ton of Germans who have so much pride in their team and who are SO very into soccer is a very, very good time. Fans were going crazy, extremely loud, and decked in red/blue/yellow!

We went to Cosa Nova (our favorite restaurant in Trier) and watched the game outside on the big screen while enjoying some fabulous food!

At Cosa Nova cheering on Germany!
Limoncello (on the house, of course) with our favorite waiter, Samir

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