Friday, June 25, 2010

Travel Tips: Brugge, Belgium

After just returning from my second trip to Brugge, I thought it about time to write my travel recommendation. Brugge is a great weekend getaway for quiet and relaxation. Granted, there are a ton of travelers in the summer, but with only a few things to see (and it not being a CITY city), it still makes for a great mini-holiday.

First visit, A and I visited in the Fall/Winter. Second visit, I went with family (the Burkes.. now known as the Burke-y’s.. or at least according to the Belgians). Both trips were different and enjoyable.

Hotel: Martin’s Hotel Brugge (a cheap, but actually nice hotel located in the very center of town). Parking is available, but cheaper parking is available down the street in a public garage.

Must-Sees: Micaelangelo’s ‘Madonna and Child’ at Church of Our Lady, Basilica of the Holy Blood (which OCCASIONALLY displays Christ’s blood), the Belfry Tour (300 something stairs to the top for a good view of the city), Market Square, and Burg Square.

Must-Dos: drink Belgian beer (try as MANY as possible!), eat Belgian chocolate (eat lots, you’re on vacay!), eat Belgian waffles (topped with anything/everything), eat Belgian cheese, walk aimlessly through the narrow cobble stoned streets, and take a 30- minute (and cheap) boat ride through the canals.

'Madonna and Child' - Micaelangelo
Canal in Brugge - photo compliment of Emily Burke-y!

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