Thursday, June 3, 2010

Frohleichnam/Prozession durch die Stadt

Hard to believe, but today is yet ANOTHER German holiday: Frohleichnam/Prozession durch die Stadt. I'm not sure what the Germans DO on this holiday, but I am sure of what they don't do: work. The church bells have been going crazy all morning!

On a different note, my cousin Brad arrived yesterday and will be here for two weeks. We already introduced him to the wonderfulness of gelato. His response: "what IS this stuff?" me: "Gelato" Brad: "I know, but what IS it?!!" I think it was a hit.

Tonight we head to London for 3 nights (VERY much hoping the Gaza protests are no longer going on). We return on Sunday for a weinfest in Kasel, our village. Next week, we'll hopefully be going to Heidelberg, Brussels, Munich, Bernkasel, and Luxembourg City.

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