Thursday, August 18, 2011


It has been a blackberry kind of summer. Everywhere I go there are (free) blackberries to pick.. so I pick them!! Remember my blackberry pie and blackberry muffins?! Both delicious. This week, added to my blackberry repertoire: blackberry jam, blackberry-basil sprudel (fizzy water), blackberry-riesling spritzers, and spinach/goat cheese/blackberry & more salad. All delicious.

In other news, we have had 80F weather for the past two days which has been awesome. I have been taking full advantage by sitting outside on my awesome deck (or the beautiful courtyard) reading, going to the pool (within walking distance of our house and right in the middle of the vineyards!), riding bikes (we took a Romantic Mosel bike ride last night!), etc. It is supposed to go into the 90s this weekend (ew) and thankfully, since we are AC-less, we are missing it - these two Rapaljes are Croatia Bound!

Basil-Blackberry Sprudel

Being thrifty and reusing my Deutsche-Honig jars (german honey is bomb...seriously).

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