Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Romische Weinstrasse

Taking full advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather and spending the majority of the day OUTSIDE. Yesterday, Mary and I hiked the Roemische Weinstrasse (Roman Wine Street). Gorgeous views of the vineyards and Mosel, my favorite. Along the way were hikes, but it was also a bike trail. I'm thinking this might be a great thing to do when Emily & James visit next weekend. There are tons of wineries and biergartens along the way to stop at for a drink or essen! Also lots of blackberry picking going on :)

Romische Villa Rustica - a stop along the way in Mehring - An old Roman manor dated to 355 AD (possibly older) that was partially reconstructed for us tourists

Romische Villa Rustica

Picnic view

Mosel + Vineyard = Perfect

The Mosel River Valley

Don't get me wrong, the Riesling grapes are gorgeous, but the purple ones? I think they are just beautiful with the green leaves!

Purple AND Green! Mistake?!

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