Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ich bin eine Hausfrau

So, I've been super into baking recently (and cooking too, but this is a baking post!). I love my Kitchen Aid, I have spare time (lots), I like to eat, and my husband likes to eat more :) I also got this awesome new cook book (Danke Mom) with some great recipes, especially for dessert!

Blackberry Muffins - freshly picked and freshly baked... last night's baking extravaganza! DELICIOUS!

Making the Swedish Jam Strips

Swedish Jam Strips. MY FAV of all the ones. No, not a great picture, but these were absolutely heavenly.

Norwegian Butter Balls - delicious, crumbly, and bite size. Can't...stop...eating!

Sticky Buns - Freaking delicious! I should've taken a REAL picture, not on my phone!! Seriously, these guys were melt in your mouth delicious. Gone in one day/night.

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