Thursday, August 11, 2011


View of Burg Ramstein from Geyersle

View from Geyersle

View from Geyersle

One of the many Wasserfäll


Over the mountain and through the woods

Yesterday, my friend Mary and I went on this 8 mile hike through the woods on Trier-Butzweiler. It was called the Roman foot path and there were Roman ruins along the way. All the ruins and stops along the way had information printed so you could read about it... however... it was in German. And while my German is really coming along, it's not THAT good! Basically, from what I gathered by researching online afterward, it is a Roman footpath stuffed with history, including:

Pützlöcher: It's a quarry where the rocks to build the Porta Nigra (that huge black gate in our town) came from.

Spätrömische Langmauer: A defensive wall constructed in 375 AD. (woah!)

Hochburg: a celtic castle

Genovevahöhle: A cave made naturally by wind erosion

Klausenhöhle: A big rock that faces were carved into (until about 200 years ago) to ward off evil.

Geyersley: Just a look out, made naturally from erosion of the rock

Burg Ramstein: A castle built from 883 - 915 by Trier Ratbod. The castle was blown up in 1689 and only remains are left.

Wasserfälle: Just a picturesque series of waterfalls!

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