Monday, August 15, 2011

The Valley of the Seven Castles

Since A and I didn't travel over the weekend (unusual for us!), we decided we still needed to sight-see on our free day, Sunday. We looked in our travel books and decided on somewhere in Luxembourg since it's super close AND we love it there! I read about the Valley of the Seven Castles and picked it! It was near our house, a driving tour WITH hiking, something we had yet to see, AND in our favorite country! We packed a picnic (homemade hummus wraps, veggie chips, and Gma's granola) and went on our way. Turns out, it was a good choice, but we could've used a little less rain. Good thing we could see all the castles/chateaus (at least from afar) without the 37km total hike!


Lunch - buckled in!

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