Saturday, June 9, 2012

bye bye bye

Saying good-bye, tschuss, aufwiedersehen really stinks.

A week ago, we went to Piesport for dinner at one of our favorite dinner spots to say good-bye to Marie. She's moving to Alaska!

Last week, we said good-bye to Dave, Molly, Kensie, and Kai...some of our more normal AF friends... trust me, they are hard to come by. They're also in the same boat as us... wanted to extend, got denied, only one year left so they're getting sent to a crappy location/crappy job. 

Last weekend, we went to the Ilbertz' for drinks and a barbeque to say bye. Frauke came as well. Very, very sad. Although I think we'll see them again after Croatia!

A few weeks ago, the McMurrys came to say good-bye to us.. and the dogs. I think we may see them one more time on the day we flight out.. hopefully! I know the dogs will loove to see those girls again!

Tonight, we are heading to the city to watch the soccer game (huuuuuge deal here - Euro 2012) with some friends, where we'll have to say good-bye to Mirjam and Par. 

Below, one of my favorite Kasel-ites. This is the "you have one black man," guy... remember that story? (One of my Kasel regulars. I pass him multiple times a day when walking the dogs. He told me that he spoke no English, then proceeded to tell me, in English, that I had one black man and one white man. Ha! He was meaning, one black dog and one white dog of course.. really trying to speak a little English, but it was just so funny. From then on, he always called me black man! Ha! This guy is a trip.)

We have said bye to many good friends from this base.. Sarah and Eric, Micael and Matt, Macey and Teflon, and more coming up. I'm thankful we met this, but this life of moving every one to three years is hard.

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