Friday, June 1, 2012

Gothenburg, Sweden

From Oslo, we trained our way to Gotheburg, Sweden, mainly because it was a good halfway point between Oslo and Copenhagen. We'd already been to Stockholm, so no need to add that on our list. We did like Stockholm though, so thought we also might like somewhere else there... so we tried Gothenburg.

Sure enough, we liked it, even with the bad weather we had (fortunately for us, we had only ONE day of rain on our entire trip!). Again, we stayed in the Radisson Blu which was a perfect location - close to the (suuuuper nice again) train station without being sketchy and close to all (not so many) sights. 

As for the sights, nothing too crazy. I read the Skaska house or lipstick building was cool.... well, it's not. I mean, if you want to walk there to see if because it's nice out, go for it, but it's not special. Apparently the view is nice from the top, but with the bad weather, it wasn't worth it for us. Again the archipelago is gorgeous, so maybe from above, even prettier. Walking down the shopping streets starting at Gustav Adolfs Torg is nice, as well as the famous Fish Church, which is really just a huge indoor fish market with a restaurants on top with fresh seafood meals. I recommend eating here, even with the smell. We picked up some crawfish salad and fresh bread as well as a tuna sandwich for our train ride to Copenhagen - delicious!  There were many beautiful parks and gardens and a famous church which has been rebuilt three times, destroyed every time by war (Gustav Cathedral). 

What really impressed us in Gothenburg, however,  were all the restaurants, not because of the number but because of the atmosphere. With the bad weather, we spent a lot of time in the restaurants ... so did everyone else in Gothenburg. But they were so nice, very cute, no chains, INCREDIBLE food, and they all just had character. Seriously, every single place we went into was decorated so nicely - the atmosphere just really did it for us. Our favorite restaurant there was Soho - a wine bar and restaurant. Unbelieveably delicious dinner. 

Again, we spent one night in Gothenburg, Sweden, and headed out the next afternoon after lunch. Onto Copenhagen, Denmark!

                       Not so many pictures taken because 1. bad weather 2. not so many sights

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