Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today's the day that we've been not looking forward to now for quite some time.

We fly out tonight. Ahh.

Monday, we said good-bye to Kirsten and Roland, our dog saviors. Then we went to the last Kasel wine fest we will ever go to to say good-bye to the Kaselites. We ate at the Schnitzelstube, our favorite. Michaella made me cry. Awesome. A said goodbye to all his work people. Then last night, we said good-bye to the Wilsons. They were nice enough to pick us up on base since we are car-less and take us to Abtei Himmerod, a cool abbey turned restaurant/beer brewer near base. Delicious. Today, I have to say good-bye to Jandee. Super bummed about that. She's been awesome and is even driving us, all of our crap, our two dogs, and dog crates to the airport today!

But what's really making me feel the worst is the dogs. The poor things have moved so much in their lives already. And just recently, we moved them from Kasel to Schweich, then they went to Kirsten and Rolands, now they're on base, then they have to fly, then to my Mom's, then to Ohio. I know the whole thing stresses them out. Boston turns grayer every flight :(

Sad day. And for some reason, still doesn't REALLY feel like we're moving yet.. ?

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