Monday, June 18, 2012

iPhone Dubrovnik

Our Mac, where I usually load all our pictures, flip through them, edit them, etc, is on it's way over to America. While we were in Dubrovnik, I wanted to look at a few pictures, so I put the card into A's computer. It ate 22 pictures. 22. Remember our Ireland disaster?! Same. But only 22. I wasn't even trying to upload them, I just wanted to see them on a regular sized screen. Oh well. I guess that's what I get. It's hard, but I'm trying to be patient to look at my pictures. So all I have are these stinkin iPhone photos. I took very few, partly because the photos don't turn out awesoe (my iPhone is ancient), partly because I'm getting rid of the phone, and partly because I have my awesome camera (which was my 'we're moving to Germany' present! Can't believe that was three years ago).

 Apartment view.

 The best dinner we had in Croatia. Dinner at Orsan in the Zaton Bay of Croatia.

 Dinner view.

 Local Rose.

 "We'd like the grill fish," and our waiter comes out with a plate of fresh fish to choose from. Love this.

 Black/Squid Ink Risotta. Always a winner.

Swiss Chard with fresh EVOO. Anything with fresh EVOO, can't go wrong.

 House Tereza - Zaton Bay, Croatia

Rough life.

Well, we're back. We made it back last night and by the time we finally got out of the airport and all the way to base (we have to spend the last 3 nights on base. gag), it was 2:30AM. Yikes. It was nice having a late flight though, because we could spent the entire day on the water, swimming, hanging out, acting like it was a normal day on vacation. I miss that place already. What a trip. A (and Chris) both agre that we are now having two week vacations... one is simply not enough. Ha.

I teared up on the plane. I was flipping through pictures on my iPhone and I have ALL these pictures of the vineyards of Kasel, the dogs running through them, our normal walk multiple times a day, after dinner with A and I got so sad. I just love it here. A just loves it here. The dogs love it here. Our house is incredible. We have neighbors that we like, that we hang out with, who make me feel so safe. We have friends that we hang out with all the time. A's job gives us ample time to travel. We really have the life here. Yes, I'm happy to see family, we both are, but we are not happy to leave this amazing place we've called home for the past three years, the place we actually consider home.

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