Sunday, June 17, 2012

Good-bye, Croatia

It's our last day in Croatia. Our last day of European vacation.

We have never, in all our travels, had trouble staying longer at our hotel or apartment, past check out time. Here is no different. However, for the first time, we are being charged. Can you believe that?! 30 euros. But well worth it. Our flight out is not until 9pm. One last day soaking in the Croatian sun and swimming in the Adriatic.

While we were here, we gladly traded in this weather...

For this weather..

No complaints here. Overall, we were just talking about this last night, we have really lucked out in the weather department. Never have we had a trip where it has rained more than a day or so. Never before has a trip been ruined because of weather. Ever. In three years. That's really something if you ask me. We had a BIT of rain in Ireland, but it's Ireland... and it didn't rain there the entire time. Only a few days. It rained a day in Salzburg. It rained one day in Gothenburg, Sweden. And honestly, that's the only bad weather I can remember. What a great three years of traveling.

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