Monday, June 4, 2012

Copenhagen, Denmark (part two)

Well, at this point, it is fairly obvious that we liked Copenhagen… not because of the sights to see, the touristy things, but because of the overall environment.

While we were there, that Sunday, the Copenhagen marathon was going on. We figured this out by accident of course. A really wanted to participate…! Instead, we got a map of the route and biked around to see those in the lead. It was entertaining for a bit… for me. A could have stayed there for hours watching. Thankfully, I won that battle.

Now, time for the sights.

Christiana: the free city. When people think of Amsterdam negatively (those who haven’t been and assume that because pot and prostitution is legal it must be a  disgusting, dirty city… Boy are they wrong… but don’t get me started on that) Christiana is probably what they picture. Somehow or another there is a ‘free city’ in the middle of Copenhagen, inhabited by… well… how do I describe them? Squatters, hippies, potheads, unemployed would-be-homeless people if not for Christiana…. All apply. While pot is not legal in Copenhagen, it is legal in Christiana…. Even though Christiana is basically a tiny little neighborhood in the middle of Copenhagen. They somehow got around the law. And it is an actual FREE city. People live there for free. It was taken over the in 70s by people that could not afford a place to live otherwise. I’m not quite sure how the place still remains the way it does… but either way, it’s a major tourist spot now. Everyone wants to go and visit the free city and the free residents of Christiana take full advantage, selling their pot and hippie shit to tourists. Never in my life have I seen or imagined such big joints. I mean, this is like cartoon style...bigger than cigars. It was crazy. And everyoone is walking around with them just hanging out of their mouths. Wow.

Nyhavn or the New Harbor: Absolutely gorgeous canal lined with colorful buildings and ships. Nyhavn is lined with restaurants… all of which are overpriced. Yes, walk around, take pictures, but don’t eat here!

The Little Mermaid Statue: Not sure why this is such a big deal, but it’s always surrounded by loads of tourists.

Tivoli Garden: Basically an amusement park…

And my very favorite attraction…

The market. I don’t know exactly what it’s called since everything was written in Danish. We came across it on accident when people watching during the marathon. And it’s awesome. Like the food market in Madrid but even better… much better, believe it or not.

Other sights include the Opera House, Church of our Savior, Rosenborg castle, Glyptotek, and some museums. None, in my eyes, are MUST SEE in this lifetime sights, but nice to bike to, walk around, something to do.

Copenhagen is just full of parks as well. They are gorgeous. And much bigger than you would expect. Hang out with the locals there, bring a picnic or a few beers, a bottle of wine. The people watching is superb.

While you're there, you must stop and have fresh pastries for breakfast at a little local bakery. They are everywhere and believe it or not, better than Germany :) The pastries themselves are not better than the pastries in France, but the atmosphere in the bakery/coffee shop... better! Also, smorrebrod!! Perfect lunch!

And... while you're there, bike everywhere!

Danish Smorrebrod... or open faced sandwiches. Absolutely delicious. But a LOT of raw fish! 
 A being very Danish and biking with coffee! If only he weren't wearing a backpack :)
 Copenhagen Marathon People Watching
 Inside the market. Here we ate an a-mazing sandwich on fresh bread. A also got a fish taco, his fav.

 Inside the market
 Could this be the name of the title? Not sure. I googled unsuccessfully...

 Zebra asparagus mmmm
 A kind of shrimp gazpacho thing...?
 White fish with fennel stuffed homemade ravioli. Not usually big on fennel, but these were awesome.

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